Parking Pizza - 8.0

May 1, 2019 - 1 min read

Many people would come to Parking Pizza just for the hip factor: it is, after all, a sit-down pizza restaurant opened inside an old parking garage that is somehow industrial and airy at the same time. So hip that it’s a local chain: there are two locations of Parking Pizza and another restaurant called Parking Pita – serving pitas (yes, also in a parking garage).

All of the tables are communal, so if you come with a small group, you may be at the end of a square table, seated next to each other, etc. This can sometimes be awkward in terms of conversation, especially because the place is quite loud – so if you’re with someone who’s picky about that it’s good to take note. The restaurant is a bit chaotic due to its size and the number of people (and also because it’s pet-friendly). There’s not much space for your things so make sure to stash your jacket or bag under the lid of their chairs that double as storage ottomans!

Although the restaurant has “pizza” in its name, the menu surprisingly has lots of options: small plates (think cured meats, burrata, foccacia, etc.), salads, pasta, and of course, pizza. For two people I’d recommend sharing 1-2 small plates and a pizza, or two pizzas if you’re really hungry! I tried the Greek salad (I know, “who goes to a pizza place to eat salad?”) and let me tell you – it really spectacular. The ingredients were so fresh, and everything was proportioned perfectly. It was a bit small and I definitely could have eaten at least 300 more.

We shared the “Pizza 0”: Stracciatella burrata, tomato and rosemary. What’s the food equivalent of “music to my ears”? Because that’s what this pizza was. The crust was crunchy and charred in the perfect way, the tomato sauce tasted very fresh, and the cheese was salty and tangy. We had already eaten before we got there (classic me) so I wasn’t super hungry, but I was seriously considering ordering another pizza just because of how good it was.

We finished up and got the bill (no dessert – very unlike me!). Since it was a square communal table it’s definitely hard not to get distracted listening in on other conversations or staring at the people across the table from you. The service was mostly fine, but at times hard to flag the waiter down because he was busy taking care of other tables in a packed restaurant.

In the end, you don’t go to Parking Pizza because you want an intimate and quiet experience. You go because you want an easy place to get some high quality pizza. Are there cheaper pizza spots in Barcelona? Definitely. But if you want a cool place with really fresh ingredients, it’s worth the few extra bucks. Already counting down until my next visit!

address: multiple locations

price: €€ (11-15€ per pizza)


good for: a casual group dinner